Please send me an email about sign and artwork enquiries to

To help me provide an accurate quote, it would be helpful if you could provide the following information:
• Do you have a design or would you like me to design it?
• If you already have a design, I'll need a file (preferably a pdf, eps, or ai) 
• Sign dimensions or the dimensions of the space the sign will fit into
• The exact wording on the sign
• How many colours do we need to match? Please note I do my best to match colours but most colours will not be the same as they look on a screen

On-site signage. If it isn't possible for me to paint remotely for the work to be installed please provide the following:
• The address and some suitable times to visit you at the site
• If visiting the site isn't possible and I'm painting directly on a wall, I need to know the wall surface (i.e., brick, smooth drywall, rough stucco, etc.)

Thank you!
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